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Meatless Monday - Why ?

For the air we breath, our environment, our health, your childrens future and the legacy of a planet we leave for future generations and that's just for start!

In light of the UNís Dr Rajendra Pachauri's call for people to eat less meat to help save the environment, and the 22% rise in meat and fish prices, thereís never been a better time to try meat-free meals.

The city of Ghent in Belgium is the first in the world to declare a vegetarian meat free day once a week in acknowledgement of the damage livestock is causing the environment, read more about that here

What you place on the end of your fork as profound implications on the environment. Read some environmental facts and decide yourself.

United Nations Food and Agricultural article about livestock and global emissions, read here

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Snack on fresh fruit if you feel hungry in between meals, or have dried fruit and nuts, seeds as they'll benefit you and provide trace minerals, vitamims, essential fats for a healthy body and mind.

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